Advertising, Apparel, Branding, Email Marketing, Illustration, Packaging, Print, Social Media, Web Design

U.S Patriot

At U.S Patriot my main focus was E-mail campaigns for new products, Giveaways, and sales. I was able to help wireframe new pages for products on the website as well as work with Galls on the new website after the acquisition. 

When I first joined U.S Patriot I was asked to design the brand guideline for corporate use and sharing. Some of my other tasks were to design retail signs as well as store wall wraps and sales posters. I worked on packaging and marketing for new product launches and USP exclusives. I was able to work with our videographer/ photographer to provide creative direction and lead in photoshoots and video ad production. I was asked to join in on meeting for design discussion of new products, I was also tasked to design new apparel products to launch. 

I was promoted to Design Manager and was placed in charge of the design team where I conducted interviews and tasked out co-workers with different design tasks. I worked collaboratively with co-workers, to finish multi-person jobs mainly completing the company catalog.